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This would have to be one of the most appalling cases I have seen recently.

A Cincinnati police dog is reported to have died while locked in a hot vehicle.

Police say 13-year department member Brian Trotta inadvertently left the female German shepherd, Juno, in the car while responding to a family emergency. source

I am not sure what the family emergency was, obviously it was serious enough to entertain the officer in question for an extended time period.  No doubt the loss of his trusted companion only added to the woes of officer Trotta. But that does not help his dog any.

Perhaps it is unfortunate for officer Trotta that his case is going to be so high-profile, but if members of the police cannot set the example for the rest of society on animal welfare then there is something wrong. These are not only man’s best friend, they are highly trained members of the constabulary that the public has a vested interest in. To have them treated so poorly is a tragedy on many counts.

I am sorry constable Trotta but I see no acceptable excuse for allowing your partner to slowly cook to death in your vehicle.


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Casper the bus riding cat has been the tragic victim of a hit and run (source).

Many people around the world were amazed and taken by the antics of Casper the cat who was a regular on his local Plymouth bus service.

The local bus company, First Devon and Cornwall, used an image of Casper as advertising on one of their buses. Although devastated by the cat’s death they say they will not be removing his picture.  So Casper the bus riding cat will have his own cat memorial for some time to come.

Perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of the accident was the failure of the driver to stop and access the damage caused.

Is this a sign of the times – that the life of a cat has so little value to warrant stopping to see if it can be saved?

Do we care about, not only the cat, but the loving family sat at home waiting for their cat to return?

Perhaps our “civilized” society should pause to reflect on the lessons of the loss of our celebrity commuter – Casper the cat.

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Cuddly Pet Memorials

What do you think of the new craze sweeping the pet world – soft and cuddly pet urns?

With up to 70% of all pets being cremated many people are looking for better ways of interring their beloved pet. After all, having your pet in cold hard metal monument seems a little removed.

Patricia Moore lost Samatha the dog and decided to recreate the way we view pet urns.

soft hearted urns

No longer are they cold, hard, and often ugly urns.  Now they are cute, soft and practical.

The idea proved so popular with Patricia’s friends that they managed to persuade her to put  her “Soft-Hearted” pillows into production.And now you too have the option of keeping your pets close to your heart with the huggable urns.

Sleeping with your pets ashes has taken off with the “Soft-Hearted” brand of pillow.  The pillows are made from soft microfibre which are guaranteed to keep the ashes locked safely inside.

The pillows are able to accommodate the ashes of a pet of up to 150 pounds.  However, with larger animals some pet-lovers opt to just keep a portion of the pets remains in the pillow in order to minimize the Soft-Hearted pillow’s weight.

You can expect the pillow to feel soft, although it will have a firm “heart” that you may or may not feel depending on the size of your pet. The pillow itself is about 4 inches thick and 14 inches square.

So what do you think of the cuddly pet urns?

Are you in favour of keeping your pet much closer to your heart after it passes, or do you think this is just another crazy fad (one that the majority of pet lovers seem to be opting for) ?

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Respected Attorney And Political Consultant Admits Weakness

In our modern busy world of high powered executives and corporate climbers we do not expect to hear of men mourning the loss of a cat.

This is exactly the emotion that Michael Yaki, a man once senior aide to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and currently working as a political advisor, exposes on his latest blog entry.

Why should we be surprised that a formidable opponent in the court room has a soft spot for his family pets?

Perhaps it is because we live in a world where men do not cry without fear of exposing a weakness.  Maybe it is because grown-ups should know that animals only have a short lifespan and we should expect their deaths.  Or is that we don’t have time to stop and mourn every time an animal dies.

I congratulate someone as high profile as Michael Yaki who can publicly admit that his cat, Delos, had a special place in his heart and in passing Delos has left hole that will not easily be filled.

Delos - Sadly Missed

Delos - Sadly Missed

Pets are completely dependent on us for food and shelter, medicine and comfort. In exchange, they give far more in return than we could ever provide — unconditional love. And in our crazy, stressed out, burnt-out lives, that is something irreplaceable and, indeed, indispensable. Perhaps there is more to that civilization myth than meets the eye.

The rewards of keeping a pet are great.

The cost of loosing a pet is often underrated.

Only when more people are brave enough to share the impact their pet has had, and the pain their passing has caused, will it be socially acceptable to cry in public over the loss of a family pet.

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Portuguese Water Dog First Choice For First Dog

It seem the inside information from Michelle Obama we published earlier about the First Dog being a Portuguese Water Dog was correct.

The Obama family have indeed chosen a six-month old male Portuguese water dog.



The secret meetings between the Obama family and potential First Dog candidate “Bo” are finally over, with Bo expected to join the White House administration on Tuesday.

One election night promise due to be fulfilled – is this the beginning of many more election promises going to be fulfilled, or is this high point of President Obama’s career?   Time will no doubt tell.

In the meantime we wish Bo and the rest of the Obama family many happy years together.

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This kindly friend of mine who’s passed
Beyond the realm of day,
Beyond the realm of darkling night,
To unknown bourne away
Was one who deemed my humble home
A palace grand and fair;
Whose fullest joy it was to find
His comrade ever there.
Ah! He has gone from out my life
Like some dear dream I knew.
A man may own a hundred dogs,
But one he loves, and true.


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A rollicksome, frolicsome, rare old cock
As ever did nothing was our dog Jock;
A gleesome, fleasome, affectionate beast,
As slow at a fight as swift at a feast;
A wit among dogs, when his life ‘gan fail,
One couldn’t but see the old wag in his tail,
When his years grew long and his eyes grew dim,
And his course of bark could not strengthen him.
Never more now shall our knees be pressed
By his dear old chops in their slobbery rest,
Nor our mirth be stirred at his solemn looks,
As wise, and as dull, as divinity books.
Our old friend’s dead, but we all well know
He’s gone to the Kennels where the good dogs go,
Where the cooks be not, but the beef-bones be,
And his old head never need turn for a flea.

James Payn.

Close up of a Old Dog

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