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Veterinary Companies Face Lay-offs.

Pet health has traditionally survived economic down-turns, but not this time.

Veterinary companies suffering from lack of business may not bring tears to your eyes (unless you are one of the up to 25% of staff laid off), but it is the pets who are the innocent victims here.

Urgent surgery is still happening for the most part, but preventive treatments have been shelved for the greater good of the family.  And who can blame a family for choosing food on the table over dental treatment for the family dog?

However, skipping such basic medicinal worm treatment for your dog could be fatal.

Now more than ever might be the time to consider pet health insurance.No one would want to be in the situation of having to have a loved family pet put down because they couldn’t afford life-saving treatment.

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Holiday Indulgence Health Issues Affect Pets Too

Starting a regular walking routine could be the best present you could give your dog this Christmas.

If you have another pet it might be you need to think of other forms of exercise.  Perhaps playing with a ball of string for your cat, or letting your bird out of the cage on a regular basis, or even riding your horse more!

It is likely your pet was indulged with special treats over the Christmas season and will be facing the same weight gain issues that affect us all.  For a pet that spends a large amount of time confined burning off those extra treats can be a challenge – if not impossible.

An overweight pet faces many of the same issues as overweight people including heart disease and diabetes. Don’t kill your pets with kindness this Christmas.

Other benefits of a healthy well exercised pet include better behaviour and better obedience.  They are less prone to destructive or self destructive behaviour.

Exercising your pet is also good for your health so start out this new year with a program of exercise for you and your pet to ensure many happy years together to come.
Running Tiger

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Vice President And Puppy

Vice President And Puppy

New Puppy For White House Runner Up.

President Obama has been over shadowed with the vice president choosing a dog first.

The puppy, a German shepherd, is not a “mutt,” but is a high society dog – as least as far as breeding goes.

Should the vice president-elect have rescued a pound dog as well?

Or has he shown great pet ownership discipline in choosing a dog that he will enjoy and that will be a companion for many years to come?

It is all very well to score political brownie points. But pet ownership is not something to be undertaken lightly.  I wish the Vice President-elect and his dog many years of joy.

Will the new President still choose a pound dog?

I think that is something he will have to decide.  It would be nice for a pound dog to be rescued.  But if it isn’t a match for the family everyone will be disappointed.

Don’t be pressured into get a pet this Christmas without fully considering what it will mean to your life, now, and in the future.

Discuss your options in NamaraPets Forum.

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A David And Goliath Battle Between Pet Owners And Veterinarian Prescriptions.

Reported by David Baines of The Vancouver Sun.
Discount prices on pet meds!

The evidence suggests that vets are over charging for prescriptions.  Many of the drugs prescribed by vets come direct from the same sources as drugs supplied to people.  The difference is that vets can charge considerably higher prices.

Many people have tried to get a break down of the vet prescription to be able to buy the drugs elsewhere only to find that they are denied this information and even removed from the vets data base and told not to return.

Its time pet owners stood their ground and fight back together.  If you have been subject to such extortion, or if you have a vet who does not, then tell us about them.  If we support those who treat animal lovers with respect, and boycott those who do not, vets will soon get the message.

Join our forum and continue the discussion today.

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

We all love a cute little furball that is someone’s pride and joy. And we may be tempted to give someone else the pleasure of having their own special little bundle of joy.

However, just like babies, we might like to admire someone else’s pet, but not everyone wants the 24/7 responsibility of taking care of their own. And possibly your choice of the ideal pet might not be that of someone else.

Before you rush out and buy a little puppy or kitten this Christmas you should know that many an unwanted pet finds itself facing a bleak future in a local animal shelter during the holiday season. Animal shelters frequently face overload situations during the holiday season as a result of the stress and financial burdens that families find themselves in.

The resources required to look after a pet are similar to those needed to support a child. Choosing a pet is long term commitment that should only be made by the person responsible for the animal’s care.

Finding the right pet is a decision taking into account things like pet life span, pet energy levels and time requirements, the cost of feeding and care, compatibility with children and other family members. Getting a pet as a gift can overwhelm a person and may well be a miss match.

Another reason getting a pet in the holiday season is a bad idea is because it is a busy and unsettled time. Your new pet will find it difficult enough to adapt to new surroundings without the extra excitement.

The initial weeks of a pets life are formative in its social development. During the busy holiday season it is possible that you will not have the time to devote to training and teaching your pet the expected social behavior of your family.

Consider giving gift vouchers instead of actual animals this Christmas. source

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Who do you call?
Who do you call when you want go out for evening, or when you want to go on holiday and can’t take your pets with you?
The Pet Sitter.

Trusting your pet with a stranger is not something you should take lightly.

Before turning to a stranger you might:

  1. Ask your friends and neighbours who they use for sitting their pets. They may have a trustworthy sitter who’s name they can pass on to you (of course they may not want to if you vacation together!)
  2. You might ask your vet or other animal professional that you deal with if they of know anyone.

If you cannot source a pet sitter from among your immediate contacts then there are some simple precautions that you need to take, these include:

  1. Look for an agency or person who advertises through traditional sources, this way you are not likely to get a “fly by nighter” who is not concerned about their reputation.
  2. Interview your potential sitters before hiring them. Have them come to your place or take your pets to met them so you can see how they interact. It is important that they are a good match and first reactions can often indicate any problems that might occur in your absence.
  3. Do not be afraid to ask for references and DO follow up on the references they give you.
  4. There are a number of questions that you can ask about their background and experience:
    • How long have you been pet sitting?
    • Do you have animals of your own?
    • What kind of animals have you had experience with?
    • How many animals are you currently sitting?
    • Do you have other pets you are currently sitting?
    • What services/schedule do you provide for the animals you are sitting?
    • Are you able to administer any special diet, medication, or other requirement of my pet?

After the meeting (and any time your pet has been in care) assess your pets reactions. Look for signs of fear, anger, or other out-of-the-ordinary behavior that might suggest improper treatment. Consider your own feelings; did the sitter leave you feeling comfortable and thinking this is a person you could work with?

One final suggestion is that you do not base your decisions on pet sitters solely on price. Do not try and beat your sitter down on price. A pet sitter is worth paying a professional wage, and should deliver a professional service. You should expect no less for your pets.

Consider this:

If you have a love of animals and some spare time – you might like to offer your services as a pet sitter.

This highly respected job offers great opportunities to make some extra income doing what you enjoy.

You would also be helping other pet owners take a well earned break.

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