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Exercise With Your Dog And Wii

The latest innovation from Nintendo Wii includes a dog fitness tracking program.  Wii Fit Plus, as the sequel to Wii Fit is known, gives you the ability to enter your dog’s weight and create an avatar for your dog.

Although Nintendo say there are no specific dog exercise programs, it could be fun tracking your dogs fitness along side your own.  After all, walking your dog is good for both fitness and relationship bonding.

is will pan out, and Nintendo says there aren’t really any canine training exercises. But you can make an avatar of your dog, which is kind of cool, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Will this latest innovation combined with the price drop be enough to boost flagging sales for the Nintendo team?  Over the last year Nintendo lost market share to the Sony and Microsoft consoles.   Perhaps to do with them already having dropped their prices.

Is this the key to tipping you getting a Wii console?

Will X-box come out in reply with a complete dog fitness range of games?

What do you think?

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Are Dogs With No Leash “Under Control” Of The Owner?

The residents of Wellesley are divided over the issue when it comes to the use of Perrin Park.  Although it is one of the smallest multi-use recreational areas, pressure is being applied to restrict dogs to leashes as is required in the majority of other public parks.

Wellesley has traditionally been one of the most dog friendly areas in Boston reports the Boston Globe:

Unlike Natick, Needham, Newton, Framingham, and other nearby towns, Wellesley does not require that a dog in public spaces be on a leash at all times. Instead, Wellesley, like Weston, requires that the dog be “under the control” of its owner.

“Under control” has allowed not only the strict on-a-leash interpretation, but also as loose as under-voice-control.  However, increasing reports of local residents being terrorised at the park by packs of dogs, and the park being fouled by dog waste that dog owners fail to remove, suggested the time to address the meaning of “under control.”

New laws now require dogs to be leashed at the park.  Angry dog owners are protesting the change. And to their credit they are not wanting a free-for-all at Perrin, but are requesting either hours when the park can be open to unleashed dogs, or a specific area fenced off for dogs to free range.

Person Putting Leash on Dog Collar

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Perrin is the ideal place to exercise a dog off-leash because it is well fenced and away from traffic, and has good visibility so dogs are always in sight of their owners.

Other rules introduced have limited the number of dogs anyone person can walk at a time (and still be “in control”).  Two dogs are acceptable, and three dogs can be walked with an approved license. This was to directly target professional dog walking companies.

If your dog is an embarrassment in public it is time you did something about it.  Not only are annoying people, but you are penalising many other responsible dog owners and their dogs.  Get the help you need to train your dog correctly.

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Does Your Dog Eat Too Much?

How much food does your dog really need?

Along with the general population of people, dogs are also suffering from obesity from eating the wrong food and eating too much food.

It is relatively easy to control the amount of food your dog is eating and it is essential that you gauge its weight on a regular basis to ensure that it doesn’t get obese.

Dogs can suffer from many different ailments due to obesity including diabetes. There are an increasing number of dogs suffering from this disease and in most cases this could have been avoided through the correct nutrition and monitoring the amount of food the dog has been eating.

Having a dog with diabetes will necessitate the injection of insulin or in some cases taking of pills to assist in the maintenance of the correct sugar levels in their blood.

Obviously this involves additional expense and inconvenience and there is also a danger that should the insulin level be incorrect your pet could die.

It makes sense then that your dog should only eat what is good for it and in quantities that won’t result in it developing health problems later in life.

Working dogs will need more food for the energy that they will expend in the course of the day but a dog that lays around the house all day and doesn’t get any exercise will not need to eat the same portions of food.

You should weigh your dog on a regular basis and see whether it is gaining or losing weight and adjust the amount of food it is eating accordingly.

Namara Pets dotcom

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Dogs are a pack animal…

And as much as we may idealise a society where all creatures are equal, George Orwell captured the failure of society to function as equals in his book Animal Farm.

Even in nature there is a recognition an orderly society requires some kind of leadership.

This is perhaps best demonstrated in the dog world.

The survival of dogs in the wild depends on their ability to function as a team or pack. Yet within that pack there has to be an “alpha male” or leader who holds the pack together.

Your cute little fur-ball that curls up on the end of the bed has not forgotten his heritage. He still requires the security and discipline of pack life.

If you are not providing that kind of leadership and structure your dog will feel the need to fill the pack leader role. Your weakness will inspire them to protect and care for you.

Often a strong dog in a weak family has tragic results for all concerned, so it is responsible for you as a dog owner to learn what your dog expects of you.

The following list of what your dog expects from you came from the blog of Dog Positive Training

* Leadership
* Rules
* Routine
* Boundaries
* Stability
* Structure
* Conditioning
* Companionship
* Daily exercise
* Mental stimulation
* Food

Dog Training is one of the best ways of showing your love for you dog. Well trained, well exercised, well feed dogs are the happiest and most loyal of dogs.

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Forget aerobics. dog dancing

Forget walking your dog.

Doggy dancing is the latest in pet exercise techniques. Using a combination of clicker training and food rewards it is possible to teach your dog different moves. Set these moves to music and hey presto … you and your dog are ballroom stars.

Originating in the UK Paws to Music, or Heelwork to Music, or Canine Freestyle began as a way of showing the public how much fun heelwork could be.

It has now taken the world by storm becoming one of the most widely participated of dog sports.

Your dog will love the time that the two of you spend together increasing the pet/handler bond. But perhaps more importantly, it will reduce the risk of dog depression.

Dog depression is one of the greatest problems facing dog owners, especially dog owners who live in an urban setting.

Dog dancing will stimulate your dog mentally, and provide an opportunity for social interaction. Another bonus is that both dog and handler will get a great workout.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes are able to participate. Larger dogs are normally slower in movement and are not able to achieve some tricks, but a properly choreographed routine will have them performing like a star.

Never say an old dog can’t be taught new tricks – even older dogs have excelled with the right encouragement, even if they have had no obedience training in the past.

Basic training – sit, stay, roll-over – is an advantage. Also helpful is a natural to play, either with you or a toy, and a love for food. Probably the only essential factor is that your dog wants to stay with you. It is hard to train a dog that constantly runs away!

Those with a competitive nature can progress to entering competitions; otherwise enjoy the social interaction of like-minded pet owners having fun with their dog.

One of the other benefits that doggy dancing produces is often a more obedient and better mannered dog around the home.

So what are you waiting for?

Search for a dance class near you, and provide your dog with the stimulation, exercise, and social interaction he or she is desperately seeking.

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Have you noticed any changes in your dog’s behavior?

Even the smallest of irregularities could be a clue that something is not right with your pet.

One of the best things you can do for your dog besides regular exercise, good food, water and shelter, is to be aware of any changes that it might exhibit in all aspects of it’s life.

Particularly as dogs get older they might seem like they are just not interested in exercise any longer but this might be due to the fact that they are suffering from pain of some form or another.

Many older dogs suffer from arthritis and this can be very painful.
There are all sorts of remedies that can help your dog from natural remedies to ones that your local vet might prescribe.

Our beloved pets cannot talk to us and they can only hope that we are aware of their conditions by knowing what they are usually like and noticing any behavioral changes.

Even if a normally quiet dog starts whining or barking more often they might be trying to give you a signal that something is not quite right in their life.

A regular checkup at the Vet is a good solution to ensure that your dog is always in optimal health and that includes their mental state.

Older dogs can become depressed because they are no longer getting the required stimulation mentally and a depressed dog will suffer just as a human can do in similar circumstances.

If your dog starts to eat more or less food than normal this could be another sign that there is a problem and also if they gain or lose weight they could be suffering from some health problems.

Always be aware of their behavior and it will help ensure that your dog has a happy and long life.

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What is the link between Dog Depression and Treadmills?

Is your dog getting depressed?

It is not uncommon for dogs to get depressed.
They can become bored very easily and when they are bored for extended periods of time this can lead to depression.

The more intelligent the dog the more likely it is to get depressed as they need more stimulation in the form of work or activities that can keep their mind active.

This is one of the reasons why dog training is so important, because a dog that is trained well will get a lot more out of life by pleasing it’s owner and it will also have a leader that is can look to for security and confidence.

Often the weather in the area we live can be the biggest problem when trying to keep a dog active with the colder winter months and shorter daylight hours making it difficult to exercise the dog.

There are alternatives for dogs just as there are for humans in these conditions and many people are unaware that it is possible to get a dog treadmill for their dog so they can still be exercised no matter what the conditions outside are like.

This can also be ideal for people who live in apartments or those who are unable to take their dog out for a walk at night due to reasons of safety.

For the convenience of ensuring that your dog remains fit and healthy and doesn’t become depressed and need medication, a dog treadmill might just be the answer that you are looking for.

While you can go to the expense of buying a pet specific treadmill, your dog (and cat if you have the patience) can be trained to use any treadmill – although treadmills without the front upright bar are preferred by animals.


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