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Holiday Indulgence Health Issues Affect Pets Too

Starting a regular walking routine could be the best present you could give your dog this Christmas.

If you have another pet it might be you need to think of other forms of exercise.  Perhaps playing with a ball of string for your cat, or letting your bird out of the cage on a regular basis, or even riding your horse more!

It is likely your pet was indulged with special treats over the Christmas season and will be facing the same weight gain issues that affect us all.  For a pet that spends a large amount of time confined burning off those extra treats can be a challenge – if not impossible.

An overweight pet faces many of the same issues as overweight people including heart disease and diabetes. Don’t kill your pets with kindness this Christmas.

Other benefits of a healthy well exercised pet include better behaviour and better obedience.  They are less prone to destructive or self destructive behaviour.

Exercising your pet is also good for your health so start out this new year with a program of exercise for you and your pet to ensure many happy years together to come.
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Diabetes can occur in cats, dogs, and other animals.

It is not only the human kind that can develop diabetes.
Even our beloved pets, no matter how well we care for them,
can develop diabetes.

This is often a scary situation for the pet owner and the
first question that is usually asked of the veterinarian is
-will my pet need to be put to sleep-?

Of course this is a difficult issue and the answer may vary
on the overall age and health of your pet.

Many older pets that are diagnosed with diabetes go on to
live many more happy years, but this takes commitment and
close care of your pet.

Diabetic cats and dogs can live just as long as perfectly
healthy pet if the diabetes is diagnosed and treated
properly by both the veterinarian and the owner.

This takes great commitment from the owner. Pets must be
cared for and watched daily with a high level of care and

There can be no feeding the cat and forgetting until the
next day. There is no leaving the pet along to go on a
trip. Every day your pet will need medication, fed a proper
diet and his behavior will need to be monitored closely.

This doesn’t mean you will have to give up your job and
stay home full time with your pet, but it does mean you
will have to pay more attention to what his behavior is and
know what to do if the situation should change.

It is also more of a financial obligation to have a sick
pet. So it is something that should be discussed in length
with your vet.

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Contrary to common belief, a fat dog is not a happy dog (even if it thinks it is happy). It is very easy to kill your dog with kindness by over-feeding it. Especially when everyone in the family likes to slip your pet the “occasional” titbit.

But how do I know if my dog is overweight?

A good test is to look at your dog, like humans, if your dog has no waste then is probably an indicator that some weight control measures are in order. Also, if you can no longer feel your dogs ribs then it is time to start taking action.

How much food does your dog really need?

Along with the general population of people, dogs are also suffering from obesity from eating the wrong food and eating too much food.

It is relatively easy to control the amount of food your dog is eating and it is essential that you gauge its weight on a regular basis to ensure that it doesn’t get obese. Owners who fall prey to those “puppy dog eyes” are not being kind. Unfortunately we all need to learn to self-discipline and restraint to stay healthy.

Dogs can suffer from many different ailments due to obesity including diabetes.
There are an increasing number of dogs suffering from this disease and in most cases this could have been avoided through the correct nutrition and monitoring the amount of food the dog has been eating.

Having a dog with diabetes will necessitate the injection of insulin or in some cases taking of pills to assist in the maintenance of the correct sugar levels in their blood.

Obviously this involves additional expense and inconvenience and there is also a danger that should the insulin level be incorrect your pet could die.

It makes sense then that your dog should only eat what is good for it and in quantities that won’t result in it developing health problems later in life. Fresh food is always best, for dog and man alike.

Working dogs will need more food for the energy that they will expend in the course of the day but a dog that lays around the house all day and doesn’t get any exercise will not need to eat the same portions of food. Neutered and spayed dogs generally have a lowered metabolic rate and also require less calories per day.

You should weigh your dog on a regular basis and see whether it is gaining or losing weight and adjust the amount of food it is eating accordingly.

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Healthy Cat Diet

What should you be feeding your cat?
You need to consider what cats will need in the wild to determine the best food sources for them.

In the wild, cats will eat mice and birds, and drink water.
Obviously this is a diet high in protein and it is essential that your cat gets sufficient protein to maintain a good healthy diet.
Cat Diet

What many people don’t realize is that cats can get diabetes from having a diet that is too high in carbohydrates.

By constantly feeding your cat carbohydrates it can become insulin resistant and unable to keep its blood glucose levels at a suitable level.

Some signs that your cat is becoming diabetic include drinking a lot of water and eating considerably more than they usually do.
You might also notice a sign of weakness in the back legs as they tend to wobble a bit when walking.

The only way to be sure whether your cat is developing diabetes is to give it a blood test.

This is the best way to determine whether the cat has diabetes or not, although you can do a urine analysis to check blood glucose levels, but this is not as accurate.

Unlike humans and other animals it is possible for cats that have diabetes to go into remission provided their diet has been changed with an elimination of high carbohydrate foods.
More protein will help to stabilize the blood glucose levels.

The reason why these dry biscuits are so popular is because of the convenience and the fact that cats are very fussy eaters, and most cats like dry biscuits except possibly those that have been found straying in the wild.

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