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New Product Will Keep Tabs On Your Canine

AT&T have combined with Apisphere to create a dog collar that will enable you keep tabs on your family pet at all times.

Apisphere already have successfully launched the Geomatejr product and believe their second hardware product, the Location-Based Dog Collar will be equally successful.

Using wireless SIM technology embedded in the collar a dog owner will be able to track their pet via the AT&T network using a wireless handset or personal computer.

Updates on the dog’s whereabouts can be sent via text, email, video or audio alerts as often as programmed. Once registered owners can program pet details and important contact details. They can then create a geo-fence around the section in which the animal can roam freely under geo-supervision.  One outside of this designated area it is possible to track the dog with street level mapping technology.

The collar itself has been designed with your pet in mind and through the use of optimized GPS and wireless technologies has very little if any restrictions on the size of the dog, or discomfort to your pet when wearing the collar.

Keep an eye out for the launch later this year.

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Exercise With Your Dog And Wii

The latest innovation from Nintendo Wii includes a dog fitness tracking program.  Wii Fit Plus, as the sequel to Wii Fit is known, gives you the ability to enter your dog’s weight and create an avatar for your dog.

Although Nintendo say there are no specific dog exercise programs, it could be fun tracking your dogs fitness along side your own.  After all, walking your dog is good for both fitness and relationship bonding.

is will pan out, and Nintendo says there aren’t really any canine training exercises. But you can make an avatar of your dog, which is kind of cool, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Will this latest innovation combined with the price drop be enough to boost flagging sales for the Nintendo team?  Over the last year Nintendo lost market share to the Sony and Microsoft consoles.   Perhaps to do with them already having dropped their prices.

Is this the key to tipping you getting a Wii console?

Will X-box come out in reply with a complete dog fitness range of games?

What do you think?

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If it wasn’t for Murphy, the 9 year old dog next door, an 80 year old man would have perished in his own septic tank.

Although the reason for Mr. Paff being in the 15 foot deep tank was unknown, Murphy knew there was no time to be lost in getting him out.  Stacey Walsh from Delhi, Ohio, reports that her dog Murphy barked like never before.  She believed he was being attacked and came running.

After finding Murphy pointing in the direction of the septic tank, Stacey then heard Paff’s voice calling for help from its unpleasant depths.

It took rescuers a couple of hours to drain the waste from the tank so that Paff could be rescued.  They managed to remove him using a rope and pulley system and rushed him to hospital after a quick decontamination.  Last report states that Paff is in a stable condition.

No small miracle for an 80 year old man who spent up to 6 hours trapped in a septic tank. The fire brigade report Paff was a pretty tough old guy, and friendly.  Perhaps that is why Murphy was so keen to see him rescued.


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Volunteer Air Rescue Missions

Pilots N Paws is a new movement to save the lives of animals on death row.  The website PilotsNPaws is an online forum where pilots and other volunteers who wish to help transport rescue animals by air can meet up with people who wish adopt pets interstate.

This is a NO CHARGE service – people do not have to pay to have the pet of their choice flown from the shelter to their home city.

The foster animals are teamed up with pilots and plane owners willing to assist with the transportation of these animals.  Volunteer pilots are not the only people involved – so don’t think you have to fly a plane to be a part of the mission.  The Pilots N Paws program also provides overnight foster care or shelter, transfer shuttles and all other related activities with getting these animals from shelter to new home.

The program has a 5000 pets relocated in a week mission scheduled for September 12-20, 2009. So if you can help in any way – even financially – get aboard today.

Pilots n Paws has the endorsement of such celebrities as top aerobatic pilot Patty Wagstaff and author Ted Kerasote.  Will you also join the list to save 5000 potential pets on death row this September?

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Man Killing His Dog With Kindness Banned From Pet Ownership

Brighton Magistrates’ Court ruled that Ronald West, the 63-year-old owner of Taz was not fit to be in charge of a dog.

The crime that West committed was “failing to ensure the welfare of an animal,” or in layman’s talk – he overfed his dog.  The five-year-old border collie was ruled dangerously over-weight after tipping the scales at 88lb (twice the weight considered normal).

To be fair, this was not a first offence punishment.  West had ignored repeated orders to improve the dog’s diet.  The initial complaint was registered in December of last year.

The conviction will cost West £1,477 and the right to own animals for the next 12 months.  He will also loose Taz.  The border collie has already shed 30lb since being removed, and can now run for an hour – rather than the laboured 10 minutes at its heaviest.

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Hurricane Katrina Survivors Jessie Pullins And J.J. The Dog Reunited

A remarkable story about a man and his dog, who were separated when the New Orleans town was officially closed ahead of the hurricane, has been captured on film.

Pullins says J.J. recognised him immediately at the airport despite a 4 year separation.  The dog had been rescued during the hurricane aftermath and flown to California for adoption.

The film follows the desperation of a man who lost his wife to cancer and recovered from a drug addiction whose beloved companion was named after his wife.  Then to lose his dog in tragic circumstances and have to go through the courts to have his dog returned.

Film director Geralyn Pezanoski wanted to show the complicated nature of what happened to pets and their families and their adoptive families.  The film “Mine” is due to be released by PBS next year and shows the mercy mission that animal lovers organised to save hurricane stranded pets. And it shows the pain of animal lovers whose pets were kidnapped.

A similar case happened locally where a man died while out jogging with his dog.  The dog was adopted out before the family of the deceased man found out.  Not only did they lose a son and brother, but they also lost the dog that was a family companion when the new owners refused to give him up.

Cases like these have no winners, only losers.  They are tragic beyond measure.  But I can’t help but think the new owners have lost sight of something when they refuse to hand back animals that have been a loved member of another family for years.  Surely?

Find out more about “Mine”


Mine - (support the cause)

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Nitro Takes Forced Retirement From The Police Force.

The four legged Aberdeen crime fighter was blind sided by budget cuts. A K9 officer who had a life dedicated to the service was deemed expendable when cost cutting measures were made.

Sky-rocketing unemployment levels hit 14% which means the tax revenue has taken a hit. At a sprightly 6 years old, Nitro is not ready for retirement and you can imagine the feeling of rejection he suffers as his partner goes off to work each day alone.

Once the story of Nitro got out donations started pouring in. At a cost of almost $6,000 to fund Nitro’s job it is no small sentiment that the public are committing to. But they seem to be up to the challenge.

Police chief Bob Torgerson says the reaction of the public has been so overwhelming that the chances are good that K9 officer Nitro will be back on the beat in the near future.

This is good news given the shorted sightedness of firing a police dog.  No doubt it cost less to fire a dog than anyone else on staff, and there was undoubtedly no management looking to take a pay cut . . . but the cost of training a K9 officer must be significant.  To lay one off for no good reason seems absurd.
Police Dogs on Parade

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