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Would Free Pet Food For A Month Help You Out?

In the current economic crisis many animal centres are over-run with unwanted pets. Devastated pet owners are forced to give up their pets to feed their family.

But there is just no solution.  At least there was no solution, until now!

The Warrick County Humane Society offers free pet food for a month to any pet owner who will give up an hour of their time in return.  That is a one off commitment of an hour for a whole months supply of pet food.

The Humane Society is trying to combat the flow of literally starving animals from being dropped off at their centre. This way hungry pets need not suffer and genuinely distressed pet owners will have a way to keep the animals they love.

This is a very practical solution by the Humane Society to reach a need in the community and get some help running thier centres.  Sign up for an hour today and get your month of free pet food.


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Chinese Pet Food Is Killing Pets Across The Globe.

The same product (melamine) that proved lethal to babies in the milk powder saga has shown up in pet food. More than 50,000 babies in China were affected by Melamine poisioning and since 2007 a significant rise in kidney problems has surfaced in the USA.

Federico D. Pascual Jr. gives the following description of the effects of Melamine:

KIDNEY KILLED: The report said that the most important nutrient in milk is protein. Since melamine has the same protein that contains nitrogen — and looks the same and has no distinct smell — it is sometimes added to milk powder as extender.

Melamine is cheaper than milk so it lowers the cost of the end-product and boosts profits. The adulterated product is then used, knowingly or otherwise, by other businessmen manufacturing food items requiring milk.

When eaten, melamine forms into stones that get stuck in the tubes and spaces in the kidney, sometimes even in the urether. The person affected has a hard time urinating and the pain could be excruciating. With the blockade, the kidney swells.

Surgery is sometimes needed to remove the stones, but the damage to the kidney could be irreversible or give rise to complications. It could lead to death because of uremia.

Read the full story and find out how to receive a detailed report here.

You will also learn how to tell country of origin on items where it is not listed by reading the bar codes. For example bar codes that begin with the three digits 690 to and including codes that begin with 695, are produced in China.

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Cute and cuddly killer verses playful polluter.

With 9.2 million cats and 6.8 million dogs in the UK alone and the global pressure on lowering carbon footprints a new war is brewing. Are cats or are dogs going to be the green choice of the future?

Cats Carbon Paw Print:

  • Cats are carnivores eating 2.5 million tonnes of fish each year – leaving the the oceans depleted.
  • Eating on average one bird every 10 days.
  • Cat waste contains harmful parasites dangerous to humans and wildlife.
  • Kitty Litter has been made of carcinogenic bentonite clay, although an eco friendly variety now available.

Dog Carbon Paw Print:

  • Dogs produce billion litres of urine a year.
  • They consume 765 000 tonnes of food a year (although they are omnivores and can eat vegetable matter).
  • Dogs are more prone to inbreeding problems as the gene pool shrinks within breeds.

Which animal wins the green vote? Register your vote at Namara Pet Community.

Consider other ways of reducing the carbon impact of pets by recycling pets rather than breeding to order.  Or perhaps renting a pet for the weekend.


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Shocking Dog Food Revelations

The Shocking Truth About What Goes In To Dog Food…

It is WORSE than you thought !!

Lies Exposed

Would you feed other people’s dead pets to your dog?

Would you feed diseased by products to your loved pet?

Would you feed Road kill to your dog?

Unless you prepare your own dog food there is NO way of escaping this disgusting practise. This is standard industry procedure in the world of pet food.

If you are as appalled as I am at the thought of what THEY want you to feed your dog then TAKE ACTION TODAY. Start preparing your own dog food. It is not hard and with some resources like the ones below it can even be Fun.

Remember the saying “You Are What You Eat”?
Have you wondered why your dog’s behaviour isn’t very good?
Pumping your dog full of toxic chemicals can effect not only their health but also their behaviour.

Extend your Dog’s life, giving them health and happiness for many years to come.
Don’t they deserve the best?

Today’s blog is short and too the point because when I discovered exactly what goes into dog food and the shocking loopholes allowed in pet food labelling, I just had to let you know.

In battling evil, excess is good; for he who is moderate in announcing the truth is presenting half-truth. He conceals the other half out of fear of the people’s wrath.
Kahlil Gibran

Buy This and …Get This Free

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Finally Compensation Is On The Way.

But It Won’t Bring Back The Lost Pets.

One of the biggest scandals in the pet industry has finally been settled. A whopping $24 million dollars has been allocated to pet owners across the United States and Canada pending a judges approval. The final hearing is set for May 30th 2008.

The money is to compensate for expenses directly incurred by the owners of pets that suffered illness or death linked to toxic pet food. The biggest ever pet food recall in 2007 was sparked by contaminated wheat gluten imported from China finding its way into the processing plants of no less than five pet food manufacturing companies.

In total more than 5,000 products from more than 150 different brands were affected by the recall. Millions of chickens, 56,000 swine and an undetermined number of fish may have eaten tainted feed.

Michigan State University conducted a survey of veterinarians which recorded 236 cats and 112 dogs that died or were treated for symptoms linked to the toxic food. Dogs and cats experienced vomiting and suffered kidney failure. The total number of affected pet owners could have numbered in the thousands.

In this age of mass production the only way you can be sure of what you are feeding your loved family pet is serve them natural foods prepared by yourself. There are many great resources available today to assist you to provide for your pet in this manner.

Source [http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/unleashed/2008/05/pet-food-compan.html]

Only Natural Pet Store

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