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Bo, the Obama’s dog meets the press.



Click on the picture to see the Obama’s new dog in action.

Bo is the most talked about dog in our modern era – perhaps even rivaling the great names of bygone eras for fame.

What do you think – is Bo more famous than Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, and the dogs that generations of people around the world have grown up with?


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One Lucky Jack Russell Terrier

This may not be the First Dog, but you know it is going to be well looked after!

Nick Cannon, the man in Mariah’s is happy to share the love.  As a special present for their one year wedding anniversary Nick surprised Mariah with a Jack Russell Terrier.

Mariah was delighted with the gift.  The eight week old female puppy, Cha Cha, might be the closest thing to child the couple are expecting in the near future as Nick laughed off rumours of a baby on the way.

Cannon says on Extra, “First year of marriage was amazing. I’m looking forward to the second year. It’s one of those things, it went by so fast… We’re proving people wrong! They said we wouldn’t make it. We’re making it!”

We hope they continue to make it for many years to come.  Both for their sakes and the sake of the latest addition to the family – baby Cha Cha.

At this rate the Obama family will be the only celebrity family without a dog!

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Vice President And Puppy

Vice President And Puppy

New Puppy For White House Runner Up.

President Obama has been over shadowed with the vice president choosing a dog first.

The puppy, a German shepherd, is not a “mutt,” but is a high society dog – as least as far as breeding goes.

Should the vice president-elect have rescued a pound dog as well?

Or has he shown great pet ownership discipline in choosing a dog that he will enjoy and that will be a companion for many years to come?

It is all very well to score political brownie points. But pet ownership is not something to be undertaken lightly.  I wish the Vice President-elect and his dog many years of joy.

Will the new President still choose a pound dog?

I think that is something he will have to decide.  It would be nice for a pound dog to be rescued.  But if it isn’t a match for the family everyone will be disappointed.

Don’t be pressured into get a pet this Christmas without fully considering what it will mean to your life, now, and in the future.

Discuss your options in NamaraPets Forum.

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3 Reasons Obama Should Choose A Cat – Not a Dog.

1. Vote a cat for first pet choice.  Dogs already get more than their fair share of exposure.  We have glorified the dog for far too long.

If you think about the way dogs are portrayed it is always as the hero – Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Old Yeller, Snoopy, Clifford.   But we portray cats in a much less noble light – Garfield (fat and lazy), Bowzer (the cat Mr Magoo thought was a dog), The mean cats in Lady and Tramp (Of course the two loveable dogs got top billing), even Cat Woman was a villain.

It is time for cats to be honoured instead of treated like inferior citizens.  And who better than Obama to bring about this change, a man who has broken many stereo types himself. A cat is the best pet choice.

2. Increasingly more cats are finding their way to animal shelters and shockingly only around 2% are returned to their owners according to the NCPPSP survey.  A much greater 15.8% of dogs make it home. A staggering 71% of cats entering shelters are euthanized according to the survey. This statistic needs turning around and the change needs to be made by examples set at the highest level. Bring about change President Obama and adopt a cat.

3. Cats are not treated equal when it comes to care.  The American Veterinary Medical Association released a survey indicating that more than a third of our cats are not treated to a health check, and the number is increasing.  The number of dogs that never get medical is attention is half that, and obviously this is because we place a higher value on the beloved dog.

Our purpose here is not to reduce the care dogs receive but to suggest it is time we increased the care available to our cats.  Because dogs are valued more the amount of money spent on dog health research is much greater, 3 times greater according the number of applications for grants from the Morris Animal Foundation.

A high profile champion of the cat cause is needed, and there can be no greater profile than that of the office of First Cat.  Make your petition to President Obama to lead from the front and adopt a cat today.  Why should he be pressured into getting a dog just because the previous Presidents had one.  The final reason has to be that we all know cats would make much cuter pictures for presidential photo shoots than dogs!

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