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Recent Poll Results Reveal Pet Passion

The latest AP/Petside poll reveals just how passionate we are becoming about our pets – and just how close pets are to dominating family life.

Of the more than 1100 respondents, 49% said they have used human names for their pet, while 30% say their pet shares the bed with them.  (more…)

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Winter Wear Essential For Some Pets.

Old dogs, short haired dogs, sickly dogs, and even puppies are all candidates for a sweater this winter.

Not only will they feel more comfortable, but it may save the life of your loved pet.  Winter takes its toll on many a person and pet alike.  Surviving the extra stress that is placed on the body during the long cold nights and short sharp days is often too much.

Elderly dogs have a particularly tough time with ailments such as arthritis becoming unbearable in the winter months. Selective breeding has created some dogs with very short to no hair, and they are not at all suited to wintery climates.

Fortunately there is a solution.  Custom made dog sweaters.  You can find a range of sweaters designed to keep your dog snug in winter no matter what size or shape your dog is.  The key is to make sure you get into the habit of putting your dog in sweater, just as naturally as you reach for your own coat.

If you make putting a sweater part of your dogs daily routine, and the wearing of a sweater becomes associate with fun, then your dog will look forward to wearing it.  Just as many a dog gets excited when the leash comes out because the dog enjoys going for walks.

Boots are another item that may be on your shopping list for your pet.  Especially for the older dog, or the dog with sensitive feet.  Essential if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow and ice.

Make this winter a fun experience for you and your pet.
Baby Cable SweaterBuy A Sweater This Christmas
dog sweater

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Pet Dressing – the new fashion statement.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua hitting the No. 1 movie spot is perhaps the best indication that the fashion world has definitely impacted the animal kingdom.

The pet costume craze has gone way beyond Halloween.  Today you can buy everything from pet pyjamas to daimond studed pet accessories to match any catwalk queen.

The now famous coffee table book InDogNito is another example of the cultural norm that pet dressing has become.

Don’t let your pets be left out in the cold when it comes to unique outfits, the range and quality of pet outfits is astounding.

Smartest Dog Costumes

Smartest Dog and Cat Costumes

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For those who doubted my last post I have few examples of the kind of dog bling and cat toys that many of us only dreamed of as kids.

Back when I was just starting school I remember shoes were a luxury. My 6 brothers and I only had two pair of shoes between us, so we each used to take turns wearing one shoe a day. Which wouldn’t have been so bad except in the winter when there was 3 foot of snow and we had to walk 10 miles to school uphill both ways …… (ok you have all heard the stories of the “bad old days”).

And today pets get treated with things like this:

Dog beer

Cat beach house

Dog hat

Kissable dog care

Toy dog handbag

All these toys and so many more can be found at Jake’s Dog House (cool cat toys too)
Shop JakesDogHouse.com

PS. I came across this sad tale about using cheap Flea Control on your beloved pets – Please take the time to read it as we don’t want your pets to experience the same painful demise as those mentioned. WARNING

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