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Bo the First Dog receives presidential honors.

Bo the Obama families pet dog celebrates his first birthday.

Bo the president's dog

One Year Old Bo

It has been an amazing journey for the Portuguese water dog.  A nation held in suspense for weeks waiting to see which dog would fulfil the Presidents first promise watched in great anticipation as “Bo” was revealed.

Some say that President Obama did not live up to his to promise, but not taking in a rescue dog, but that has generally been accepted in light of Malia’s allergies.

The Telegraph reports that:

“We had a really sweet celebration,” admitted Mrs Obama. “He got a doghouse cake made out of veal stuff and he had his brother Cappy come over and we had party hats.”

“We did this in the Rose Garden. It was so much fun. Cappy actually stole the rest of the cake off the table but Bo did not seem to mind.”

So obviously Bo is as gracious as his Presidential mentor.

All that we can do now is watch and wait to see if the next 12 months of Bo’s life are as happy as the past 12.

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Bo, the Obama’s dog meets the press.



Click on the picture to see the Obama’s new dog in action.

Bo is the most talked about dog in our modern era – perhaps even rivaling the great names of bygone eras for fame.

What do you think – is Bo more famous than Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, and the dogs that generations of people around the world have grown up with?

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Portuguese Water Dog First Choice For First Dog

It seem the inside information from Michelle Obama we published earlier about the First Dog being a Portuguese Water Dog was correct.

The Obama family have indeed chosen a six-month old male Portuguese water dog.



The secret meetings between the Obama family and potential First Dog candidate “Bo” are finally over, with Bo expected to join the White House administration on Tuesday.

One election night promise due to be fulfilled – is this the beginning of many more election promises going to be fulfilled, or is this high point of President Obama’s career?   Time will no doubt tell.

In the meantime we wish Bo and the rest of the Obama family many happy years together.

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One Lucky Jack Russell Terrier

This may not be the First Dog, but you know it is going to be well looked after!

Nick Cannon, the man in Mariah’s is happy to share the love.  As a special present for their one year wedding anniversary Nick surprised Mariah with a Jack Russell Terrier.

Mariah was delighted with the gift.  The eight week old female puppy, Cha Cha, might be the closest thing to child the couple are expecting in the near future as Nick laughed off rumours of a baby on the way.

Cannon says on Extra, “First year of marriage was amazing. I’m looking forward to the second year. It’s one of those things, it went by so fast… We’re proving people wrong! They said we wouldn’t make it. We’re making it!”

We hope they continue to make it for many years to come.  Both for their sakes and the sake of the latest addition to the family – baby Cha Cha.

At this rate the Obama family will be the only celebrity family without a dog!

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First Dog For White House Again.

Never mind global crisis – at least there will be a dog back in the White House.

Its no joke – even though the dog is not due to take up residence until Sasha and Malia Obama return from spring break in April.

The lucky dog is a rescued Portuguese water dog.  Although Michelle Obama isn’t sure it will like its name if the first choices are anything to go by.  So far they have suggest “Moose” and “Frank.”

On the other hand, given that Barack calls himself a mongrel it would be a little out of character to name the dog in aristocratic fashion.

Obama Chooses First Dog

Obama Chooses First Dog

The huge national focus on the family choice was a little over whelming and came as quite a surprise to the first family (welcome to the top job) but Michelle said it was “all great and gracious attention. People are just being as helpful as you can imagine.”

Connections have already been found with Ted Kennedy who has two Portuguese water dogs.  At least it has been a “safe” choice of dog.

We wish them many happy years together with the First Dog – whatever they choose to call it.  Any suggestions for a name?

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3 Reasons Obama Should Choose A Cat – Not a Dog.

1. Vote a cat for first pet choice.  Dogs already get more than their fair share of exposure.  We have glorified the dog for far too long.

If you think about the way dogs are portrayed it is always as the hero – Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Old Yeller, Snoopy, Clifford.   But we portray cats in a much less noble light – Garfield (fat and lazy), Bowzer (the cat Mr Magoo thought was a dog), The mean cats in Lady and Tramp (Of course the two loveable dogs got top billing), even Cat Woman was a villain.

It is time for cats to be honoured instead of treated like inferior citizens.  And who better than Obama to bring about this change, a man who has broken many stereo types himself. A cat is the best pet choice.

2. Increasingly more cats are finding their way to animal shelters and shockingly only around 2% are returned to their owners according to the NCPPSP survey.  A much greater 15.8% of dogs make it home. A staggering 71% of cats entering shelters are euthanized according to the survey. This statistic needs turning around and the change needs to be made by examples set at the highest level. Bring about change President Obama and adopt a cat.

3. Cats are not treated equal when it comes to care.  The American Veterinary Medical Association released a survey indicating that more than a third of our cats are not treated to a health check, and the number is increasing.  The number of dogs that never get medical is attention is half that, and obviously this is because we place a higher value on the beloved dog.

Our purpose here is not to reduce the care dogs receive but to suggest it is time we increased the care available to our cats.  Because dogs are valued more the amount of money spent on dog health research is much greater, 3 times greater according the number of applications for grants from the Morris Animal Foundation.

A high profile champion of the cat cause is needed, and there can be no greater profile than that of the office of First Cat.  Make your petition to President Obama to lead from the front and adopt a cat today.  Why should he be pressured into getting a dog just because the previous Presidents had one.  The final reason has to be that we all know cats would make much cuter pictures for presidential photo shoots than dogs!

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“If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” The words of Harry Truman created a legacy of First Families that Barack Obama is not keen to break. Obama’s first Presidential decision is to choose the First Dog.

George Washington had ten hounds, Theodore Roosevelt had a Pitbull which was the first dog to single handedly attempt to start a war by removing the seat of the French Ambassador’s pants.  Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Scottie was the first First Dog to suffer malicious gossip at the pen of the press and Roosevelt responded ” I am accustomed to hearing malicious falsehoods about myself…I think I have a right to resent, to object to, libellous statements about my dog.”

President Kennedy brought the first communist dog into the White House when his daughter accepted a descendant of the Russian space dogs from Nikita Khrushchev.  Kennedy also had a Welsh Terrier, proving to be global in his choice of dog. President Reagan was flamboyant with his choice of a Bouvier des Flandres.

Lyndon Johnson’s dogs of choice were Beagles.  He almost became the first President to face the wrath of animal rights groups when caught on film picking his dogs up by the ears.  Richard Nixon on the other hand escaped charges of accepting his Cocker Spaniel as a gift by making a stand on television, claiming that his kids loved the dog and “regardless of what they say about it, we’re gonna keep it”.  The public voted in support of then vice-president Nixon and his Cocker Spaniel.

Gerald Ford also made use of his Golden Retriever, whistling her into boring meetings as a distraction.  Millie the English Springer Spaniel of George Bush Sr had her own view on White House life and became a best seller with her book – dictated to First Lady Barbara Bush.  Millie’s son born in the White House returned home with George W. Bush, who leaves his second term in office with two Scottish Terriers.

The Clinton’s stormy relationship was echoed by their Labrador and Sox the cat. Incidentally, it was Sox who landed the Clintons in hot water with animal rights groups when they chose to have him declawed to protect the antique furniture.

What will the Obama legacy be?  Will he choose a large expensive dog in a time of economic crisis?  Will he choose a small snappy dog that could cause an international incident?  Will it be an American breed?

The Obama dog is likely to be hypo-allergenic due to his daughter Malia’s allergies. Will it be an American Hairless Terrier which would a good patriotic choice but would not make pretty photo shots on the White House lawn?

One thing for sure, Obama better choose wisely because many eyes will be on the fate of the First Dog.  source

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