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Portuguese Water Dog First Choice For First Dog

It seem the inside information from Michelle Obama we published earlier about the First Dog being a Portuguese Water Dog was correct.

The Obama family have indeed chosen a six-month old male Portuguese water dog.



The secret meetings between the Obama family and potential First Dog candidate “Bo” are finally over, with Bo expected to join the White House administration on Tuesday.

One election night promise due to be fulfilled – is this the beginning of many more election promises going to be fulfilled, or is this high point of President Obama’s career?   Time will no doubt tell.

In the meantime we wish Bo and the rest of the Obama family many happy years together.


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First Dog For White House Again.

Never mind global crisis – at least there will be a dog back in the White House.

Its no joke – even though the dog is not due to take up residence until Sasha and Malia Obama return from spring break in April.

The lucky dog is a rescued Portuguese water dog.  Although Michelle Obama isn’t sure it will like its name if the first choices are anything to go by.  So far they have suggest “Moose” and “Frank.”

On the other hand, given that Barack calls himself a mongrel it would be a little out of character to name the dog in aristocratic fashion.

Obama Chooses First Dog

Obama Chooses First Dog

The huge national focus on the family choice was a little over whelming and came as quite a surprise to the first family (welcome to the top job) but Michelle said it was “all great and gracious attention. People are just being as helpful as you can imagine.”

Connections have already been found with Ted Kennedy who has two Portuguese water dogs.  At least it has been a “safe” choice of dog.

We wish them many happy years together with the First Dog – whatever they choose to call it.  Any suggestions for a name?

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Barbara And Jenna Bush Say “Cherish Your Pets.”

After 2 terms as the First Kids the Bush twins know the ropes better than anyone, and their advice to the new kids in the White House was to cherish your pets.

The White House may be a “magical place” but when the chips are down “you’ll need the quiet comfort that only animals can provide.”  Which is great advice as any pet lover will know.

Sasha and Malia Obama were also encouraged to make the most of every opportunity in their 4 years, as the time will fly by.  The open letter published in the Wall Street Journal also contained a few personal favourite tips including”

  • Halloween trick-or-treating down plane aisles.
  • Playing Sardines on the lawn of the White House.
  • Having swimming parties.
  • And my favourite – Slide down the banister of the solarium.

In addition to cherishing your pets, the Obama kids were encouraged to surround themselves with loyal friends.

All great advice handed down from the experienced vetrins of White House family life Barbara and Jenna Bush.

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