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Bernadette and Jacques Chirac with Sumo (2007)

Sumo strikes fear into former French President Chirac.

“I was very scared”

Says former French President Jacques Chirac’s wife after announcing that she has sent Sumo  to exhile.

The beloved Maltese terrier attacked Chirac for a third time. Sumo’s small drawing blood after a bite to the stomach.

A previous attack saw the president in hospital with bite wounds to an unnamed portion of the anatomy.

What was the cause of this once loved animal’s aggression?  It appears that he did not leaving the spacious grounds of the Elysee Palace for an apartment in Paris.

Mrs Chirac, Bernadette, says Sumo was being treated for depression. Former President Chirac was not the only one finding it difficult to adapt to civilian life.

He was going wild. He wanted to jump up and bite again
~ Bernadette Chirac

Three strikes and you are out. Despite Mrs Chirac never being on the receiving end of the terrier’s rage, she made the decision to have him removed for the safety of the former President.  Sumo was given to a new home in the French countryside where he is said to be very happy.

The farm in Seine-et-Marne seems to be more to Sumo’s liking as he has not felt the need to savage his new hosts.

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Tragic Attack On Boy At A Pet Shop.

Slade Phillips a 7 year old boy is in hospital after attempting to pet a dog in Vernon’s Pet Planet.  The dog was sitting next to the checkout when Slade went to give it a bone.  The boxer dog jumped up and bit the boy in the face.

Rushed to hospital in an ambulance to have his ripped cheek stitched up, Slade has to live with memories that no child should have to endure. His fear was that he would not be able to talk after the attack.

The dog has never attacked before, but one has to wonder that it had shown no sign of aggression.  The descision was made to keep it away from children but it “was not certain whether the dog should be put down.”

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Pit Bulls are often given a bad report as being ferocious man eating dogs.

However, this story of a Python gone mad must surely make Pit Bulls look like Poodles.

The Muskegon Chronicle reported how Brian Ahlin of Ottawa County was attacked by a 7-foot-long python. This may not be entirely unusual that a person would be attacked by a snake.  What makes it particularly science fiction like, is that fact that Brian was driving his 5,000-pound 2004 Chevrolet Silverado pickup at the time.

While Brian was fairly confident in his own safety at the time his thoughts for his pet dog. He believed that his dog would become a 50 pound snake snack should it have jumped out the window at the lunging python.

“I’ll tell you, this snake was big enough it could have swallowed a kid,” Brian said. “I mean the girth on that thing was huge.”

Fearing for the safety of others that might happen across the snakes path Brian tried repeatedly to run the snake over, but the Python would not be killed – again this story takes on a science fiction feel.

State Police Trooper William Coon responded to a call by Tom Moore a witness to the attack.  Coon soon found himself as the Python’s target.

Responding to the aggressive snake Coon had no choice but to open fire.  After being run over at least 10 times, it still took three shots from Coon to bring the lunging snake down.

The snake was identifed as a Burmese python native to Southeast Asia but introduced into the United States to be sold as pets.  They have the potential to grow to more than 20 feet in length and up to 200 pounds.

Given the attitude toward dangerous dog breeds such as the Pit Bull, how should we respond to dangerous reptiles?

It is likely this snake was abandoned as the responsibility of caring for such large snake got out of hand. Should owners of these animals be prosecuted for dumping an animal capable of killing dogs or small children?

Should dangerous animals be banned from pet stores?  Will anyone take responsibility?

Or is this a one off and there are many stories out there of people who have raised similar snakes and found them to be a great joy for the life of the snake?  May be this was just a freak case.  May be it is like Pit Bull owners who claim that the problem is with a few animal owners and not the breed its self.

What do you think?

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