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When We Two Parted

When we two parted

In silence and tears,

Half broken-hearted,

To sever for years,

Pale grew thy cheek and cold,

Colder thy kiss;

Truly that hour foretold

Sorrow to this!

The dew of the morning

Sunk chill on my brow;

It felt like the warning

Of what I feel now.

The vows are all broken,

And light is thy fame:

I hear thy name spoken

And share in its shame.

They name thee before me,

A knell to mine ear;

A shudder comes o’er me –

Why wert thou so dear?

They know not I knew thee

Who knew thee too well:

Long, long shall I rue thee

Too deeply to tell.

In secret we met:

In silence I grieve

That thy heart could forget,

Thy spirit deceive.

If I should meet thee

After long years,

How should I greet thee?

With silence and tears.

By Lord Byron



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Thou wast all that to me, love,

For which my soul did pine-

A green isle in the sea, love,

A fountain and a shrine,

All wreathed with fairy fruits and flowers,

And all the flowers were mine.

Ah, dream too bright to last!

Ah, starry Hope! that didst arise

But to be overcast!

A voice from out the Future cries,

“On! on!”- but o’er the Past

(Dim gulf!) my spirit hovering lies

Mute, motionless, aghast!

For, alas! alas! me

The light of Life is o’er!

“No more- no more- no more-”

(Such language holds the solemn sea

To the sands upon the shore)

Shall bloom the thunder-blasted tree

Or the stricken eagle soar!

And all my days are trances,

And all my nightly dreams

Are where thy grey eye glances,

And where thy footstep gleams-

In what ethereal dances,

By what eternal streams.

Edgar Allan Poe

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Pet memorials serve more than to “mark the spot.”
Don’t fall prey to these common myths surrounding the loss of your pet.

Robin Jean Brown exposes 14 myths that are commonly associated with pet loss.

If you’re still holding onto any of the 14 myths of grief…’s comforting guide is absolutely for you.

  • Myth#11: Children handle pet death rather easily. The experience will not be carried over into adult life.
  • Myth#12: It is best to protect children from the upsetting truth of what has happened to their pet.
  • Myth#13: Pets don’t mourn for other pets.

Not only are the 14 common myths exposed, Robin Jean Brown also answers the common questions raised surrounding the loss of a pet.

For instance How do you know when the time is right to put your pet to sleep. Get this right…and your furbaby will pass on humanely. Learn how to prepare, what happens during euthanasia, and how to cope emotionally (and how to help your pet cope). (Page 111)

Or maybe you think you are abnormal and want to know Why you feel so much hurt and pain. Why you can be assured that it’s not crazy or unusual for you to be feeling this way. (Page 54)

If you have a young family it is crucial to know What to do if a child’s pet dies. Make a mistake, and your child’s grief can become worse. Handle this correctly, and it will ease your child’s experience and help them cope and fully recover. (Page 102)

One of the keys to surviving pet loss is knowing How to get the help you need from other people. Have you noticed that most people are dismissive of you and don’t seem to understand the pain you’re going through? Does it seem like they’re often more polite than they are truly empathetic? You’ll learn the secrets to knowing what to ask for. (Page 85)

Does it seem like you’re all alone in the world?
It doesn’t have to be that way. Robin explains how and why your friends and family really want to help you, and gives you an action plan to ask them, the right way, and make the people around you into your own support group (Page 82).

Make plans now! So you will know What happens when a pet dies? Robin explains all the options — including cremation, pet cemetery burial, at-home burial, pet preservation, veterinary disposal…and even a collection of alternative memorials. (Page 127) That way you’ll have peace of mind that you know exactly what to do when faced with this unpleasant…yet necessary…task.

This book is loaded with all the information you and your family will need to know to survive the grief of pet loss, and will help you to ensure the mental well-being essential to recovery.


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TV Interview with Marty Tousley
Support for Families Grieving the Death of a Pet
AZCentral TV 12 News TV Interview with Marty Tousley

Bereavement Counselor Marty Tousley discusses how to talk with child about the death of pet.
View now.

(Length: under 2 minutes)

Marty Tousley, CNS-BC, FT, is the creator and instructor of these acclaimed grief-healing courses:

A Different Grief: Coping with Pet Loss

A Different Grief: Helping You and Your Children with Pet Loss

The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey

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