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Most Cats Love Tunafish!

And that is why it is so dangerous.  If you consistently feed your cat a diet of Tunafish it may decide that it will ONLY eat Tunafish.  Once a cat becomes “fussy” with what it eats it is very hard to get it to return to a balanced diet, and a balanced diet is essential to your cats health.

Over eating Tunafish can cause steatitis in your cat.  This condition destroys vitamin E because of the excess of fatty acids in a Tunafish rich diet.  It will make your cat sick and could potentially be fatal over time.

The best idea is to keep Tunafish as a special treat for your cat, feeding it only occasionally and in small amounts.  Also, where possible feed only Tunafish that has been packed in water, not in oil.

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Wal-mart faces a fifteen state recall of Special Kitty gourmet blend dry cat food. A potential salmonella contamination prompted the voluntary recall by Mars Petcare US inc. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns Walmart clients in the following states Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, and West Virginia of the Salmonella risk.

Salmonella can cause diarrhea or bloody diarrhea in your pet.  Fever, vomiting and lethargy are also indicators that your pet may have salmonella.  However, it is also possible for your pet to show no symptoms at all and just be a carrier of the disease passing it on to all they come in contact with.

The recalled “Special Kitty Gourmet Blend Dry Cat Food” was sold in 3.5 pound, 7 pound and 18 pound bags with a “Best If Used By” date of “AUG 11 09.” The production lot codes of the recalled bags begin with the digits “50” in the second line. The recalled product’s UPC codes — 81131 17546, 81131 17547 and 81131 17548 — can be found directly under the bar code.

To contact the company about the recall call 877-568-4463 or visit http://www.petcare.mars.com.

Cat Food Is Served

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Don’t worry they probably aren’t too keen on your smell either.

Cats have approximately 19 million nerve endings in their nose that makes them especially sensitive to smell.
While not having nearly as many as some breeds of dogs these nerve endings in the membranes of the nose are considerably more than the 5 million or so nerves that humans have (in other words they smell … good!)

This sense of smell helps the cat to determine whether food is suitable for eating as the nitrogen given off by the chemicals of rancid food is picked up by their highly developed sense of smell, stopping them from eating the food.

This is also one of the reasons why it can be quite difficult sometimes to give your cat pills or tablets.
Due to their highly developed sense of smell they are aware of anything that has been added to their food and if they think it is something that they shouldn’t be eating they will leave that food entirely and the tablets that you’ve attempted to hide in it.

This applies to various different medications, herbal or otherwise, and the fact that we can’t smell or taste anything doesn’t mean that the cat is unaware of a foreign substance.

Often it is a lot easier to give the cat an injection of meditation rather than trying to get it to swallow a pill or tablet.
If there is no alternative but to give it a pill, then you will need to tip its head back and get the pill as far back in it’s throat as possible then stroke it under the chin to help it swallow the pill.
If you don’t do this they will often hold it in the mouth until they have been released then spit it out.

If you do need to give your cat medication by pills then follow it around for a short while after you think they have had the pill, because they can hold it in their mouth for a while, until they believe you are not looking before spitting it out resulting in them not getting the required meditation.

Another great tip I came across was to keep a fishy treat just for those occasions when pill consumption was required. If the treat is only given with pills the cat may not notice that it also contains a foreign substance. Remember the saying “there is something fishy about that”?

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There are several foods that you should never feed your cat, as they will not only make it feel unwell but in some instances can be extremely detrimental to its health and well-being.Foods Not To Feed Your Cat

One of the biggest problems people have is when there is a dog in the house and the cat eats the dog food.
Dog food is nutritionally undervalued for cat’s requirements, as it does not contain enough protein or taurine to meet the cat’s nutritional needs.
If the cat eats dog food on a regular basis it will become unwell.

Many people will also feed their cat the scraps from their own dinner and once again the food that we eat is not of the correct nutritional balance that is sufficient to ensure that the cat has optimal health.

Just as chocolate is toxic to dogs, the same applies to cats and you should ensure that you never give your cat chocolate to eat otherwise it could become very ill and even die.

Don’t give your cat bones as they can splinter and get caught in their throat and intestinal track.
This can cause a lot of damage or serious injury.

It is well worth investing your money in your cat’s health by giving it a recommended and nutritionally balanced diet that will have the right proportions of protein and other vitamins and minerals that are required for it to stay healthy.

There should always be a supply of fresh water available for your cat to drink, particularly if you are feeding it dry food where most of the moisture has been taken out.
Cats will need fresh water to replace this moisture after having eaten dry food.
It is better to feed canned food that is a lot moister and reduces the incidence of constipation.

For more information check out my Healthy Cat Food Guide.

Do Feed Your Cat These Foods:

Nature's Variety Prairie Homestyle Canned Cat Food - Chicken & Tuna 5.5 oz. Can - Case of 24 Nature’s Variety Prairie Homestyle Canned Cat Food – Chicken & Tuna 5.5 oz. Can – Case of 24

Home-cooked taste with high quality nutrition, these chunky stew formulas are made with real meat, poultry and healthy fruits and vegetables.

Topini Cat Treats Topini Cat Treats

Forified with ten vitamins and minerals plus Taurine (an essential nutrient for cat’s eyes, heart and reproductive systems), these treats are delicious and help supplement a cats diet. No artificial flavors. Size: 1.15oz. Flavor: Cheese. Additional flavors available.

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