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Healthy Cat Care

You can help your cat remain a lot healthier and happier by doing the following things to improve their condition.

Cats spend a lot of their time washing, grooming their fur with their tongue, and ensuring that their claws remain in good shape by scratching trees and other objects, including your good furniture. By eating meat and poultry and tearing the food off, they help to keep their teeth clean, but there are many things that you can do to help your cat stay in better condition for longer.

Cats should be brushed or combed every day as they are constantly shedding hair and much of that will end up in the digestive system causing fur balls that can lead to constipation or vomiting.

By removing much of this excess fur you reduce a lot of problems that this can cause.  Using a brush also gives the skin a light massage which helps to maintain good condition.

If the hair is not kept well brushed on a regular basis it can become matted and create uncomfortable knotted balls of fur that need to be cut out. Regular maintenance is a lot simpler and easier solution and one of the benefits of combing and brushing a cat is it will reduce your stress levels considerably.  So both you and your cat benefit from this action.

For cats that are unable to get outside as often as necessary you should provide them with a scratching pole so they can maintain the condition of their claws. You can also assist by clipping them on a regular basis using the proper clippers that are available through pet stores.

Check regularly for fleas when brushing and combing and also look for mites that can get into their ears and be very uncomfortable. If your cat has mites it will be necessary to get treatment from the vet.

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Learn to recognize signs that your cat might be sick.

By being aware of how your cat is feeling and what it is doing you will help to ensure your cat’s health remains at an optimum level.

There are various different signs that will let you know when your cat is not feeling the best or when some action is necessary which might require taking it to the vet for a check-up.

For instance, if you find that your cat is vomiting, it is not necessarily a problem unless it appears to be apathetic and low on energy.  Cats will eat grass to induce vomiting often to eliminate hair that they’ve ingested while grooming themselves. If this is happening consistently then you might need to spend a little more time grooming your cat to remove the excess hair and stop it from swallowing it when it licks itself.

Cold food can also cause your cat to vomit and it is not a good idea to take the cat food directly from the refrigerator and feed it to your pet.  Heat the food in a microwave for a few seconds before placing it on the plate and you might find that your cat has a lot less problems with its food. Also check this healthy cat food guide.

If you find that your cat is scratching itself quite a lot then this can be a sign that it needs additional grooming to remove fleas or ticks.

You can often see flea dirt in the fur and even if you can’t find the fleas when grooming this is a sign that they are there and need to be eliminated.

There are various different treatments available for fleas, from pills to powders, and even collars that can be worn around the neck. You need to be careful when putting a collar on a cat as they like to climb and these can get caught in branches and other things that could result in dire and life threatening circumstances.

Some of the flea treatments can also make your cat feel unwell for a day or two afterwards so look out for any signs and use an alternative treatment next time if you feel that it has been upsetting your cat.

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Cats are very territorial and often introducing another cat into the household can cause problems.
It is always a lot easier, if you prefer to have two cats, to get them both at the same time as they’re likely to get on a lot better if they are introduced to the house at the same time rather than one having the run of the house first and then having to share it with another later.

After the initial few fights that the young cats might have, they should tend to get along well with each other and enjoy each other’s company in play and relaxation.

When a kitten is introduced to the house of an older cat you need to make a determined effort not to neglect the older cat.
This is very easy to forget when you’ve got a new kitten as people tend to fuss over kitten a lot more than older cats and it is not uncommon for the older cat to become jealous and start fighting with the new member of the family.

This can lead to other cat behavior problems where a house trained cat might decide to start urinating in the house where it wouldn’t have done so in the past, or it might go off its food and stop eating and get sick.

By considering the feelings of the older cat, not neglecting it, giving it sufficient time and letting it know that it is still special, there is more chance that the new kitten will be accepted better by the established cat.

It is made more difficult when the cats are in confined living conditions, and where possible, if there is conflict try to keep the cats apart for a while until they become used to one another.

You can put their litter boxes in different areas of the house, and also keep the food dishes apart.
Any time that one shows aggression to the other, calmly step in between and stop it going any further.

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Forget Mr Ed.

Cats are particularly good at communicating with one another and humans.
They have a considerably larger vocabulary than dogs, with most cats being able to make over 100 different sounds.
These sounds can range from purring, to hissing and growling, spitting, wailing and howling, and many different combinations in between.

They certainly do have the ability to get most of what they want from their owners, and that is why it is often said that the cat rules the house and the humans are the servants.

Yes we certainly do seem to do all the running about, yet when we call the cat it is just as likely to turn around with its tail in the air and wander off.

It is this independent nature that appeals so much to so many people and that’s why cats are one of the most loved pets in the world.

Cats are also extremely good at communicating with one another and once again with humans, by their body language.
Cat owners who are tuned in to their cat’s behavior can communicate extremely well, and this also makes it a lot easier for the owner to train a cat to do particular things or to behave better.

It also allows the opportunity to become a lot more aware of when the cat is not feeling well and when a trip to the vet might be necessary.
Fortunately that is not too often if the cat has been well cared for and given good nutrition because they are extremely resilient and even the process of purring can help to stimulate healing properties within the cat.

If your cat is making a sound and it is directed towards you then you know it is trying to communicate with you and usually it is not too hard to work out what it wants.

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