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Are Your Rights Being Outlawed?

A post at Namara Pets Blog raises some interesting questions.

Firstly: Is a chicken any less of a pet than a cat?

Think about it for a moment. Cats are arrogant animals that seldom receive instruction and follow their own whims.
Chickens on the other hand can be well trained and very responsive.

Who decides for you which pets you can and can not keep?

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly: Is there a conspiracy to make you dependant on others?

It seems that the idea of people being self sufficient is offensive these days.

  • Raising half a dozen chickens in an urban zoned area is illegal (even on 2.4 acres of land!) but battery hens are legal.
  • Wood burners are harmful to the atmosphere and discouraged, but authorities cannot supply the electricity to support the alternative.
  • Fast highly processed food is cheaper than healthy unprocessed food.

Pet owners may be on the fringes of this debate, but unless someone somewhere makes a stand Western Society will self destruct.

What do you think?

Should we be allowed a chicken as well as a cat at home?


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Cats Eyes – In The Spotlight

Cats are particularly good at seeing in the dark and that is why they are such good hunters.
Their eyes are considerably larger and more spherical than those of a human in proportion to the rest of their body and this size and shape allows them to see things in conditions where there is very little light.

That is why they can easily wander around at night and capture their prey, and if you are unlucky they might just bring it back to show you in the form of bugs, birds, mice and all sorts of other creatures that you don’t want to share your bed with in the middle of the night.

Cats will bring their capture in to show you when they are looking for some form of positive recognition and even though you might not want to see what they have caught, they should be congratulated for what they have done where possible.

Cat’s eyesight only allows them to see clearly for a few feet but fortunately that have a keen sense of smell that can help them become aware of approaching danger.

They are also very sensitive to vibration and can ‘feel’ someone’s presence before they can see them.
As they get older they will tend to be less aware and will need additional care so that they don’t get in trouble with dogs and other animals that they haven’t noticed approaching them.

Cats are unable to rotate their eyes as much as humans and many other animals but they are a lot more flexible and can rotate their head a lot more and that more than makes up for any lack of movement in their eyes.

Cats are generally more attuned to movement and can find their prey a lot easier in the dark than when there is too much sunlight.

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Healthy Cat Diet

What should you be feeding your cat?
You need to consider what cats will need in the wild to determine the best food sources for them.

In the wild, cats will eat mice and birds, and drink water.
Obviously this is a diet high in protein and it is essential that your cat gets sufficient protein to maintain a good healthy diet.
Cat Diet

What many people don’t realize is that cats can get diabetes from having a diet that is too high in carbohydrates.

By constantly feeding your cat carbohydrates it can become insulin resistant and unable to keep its blood glucose levels at a suitable level.

Some signs that your cat is becoming diabetic include drinking a lot of water and eating considerably more than they usually do.
You might also notice a sign of weakness in the back legs as they tend to wobble a bit when walking.

The only way to be sure whether your cat is developing diabetes is to give it a blood test.

This is the best way to determine whether the cat has diabetes or not, although you can do a urine analysis to check blood glucose levels, but this is not as accurate.

Unlike humans and other animals it is possible for cats that have diabetes to go into remission provided their diet has been changed with an elimination of high carbohydrate foods.
More protein will help to stabilize the blood glucose levels.

The reason why these dry biscuits are so popular is because of the convenience and the fact that cats are very fussy eaters, and most cats like dry biscuits except possibly those that have been found straying in the wild.

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There are several foods that you should never feed your cat, as they will not only make it feel unwell but in some instances can be extremely detrimental to its health and well-being.Foods Not To Feed Your Cat

One of the biggest problems people have is when there is a dog in the house and the cat eats the dog food.
Dog food is nutritionally undervalued for cat’s requirements, as it does not contain enough protein or taurine to meet the cat’s nutritional needs.
If the cat eats dog food on a regular basis it will become unwell.

Many people will also feed their cat the scraps from their own dinner and once again the food that we eat is not of the correct nutritional balance that is sufficient to ensure that the cat has optimal health.

Just as chocolate is toxic to dogs, the same applies to cats and you should ensure that you never give your cat chocolate to eat otherwise it could become very ill and even die.

Don’t give your cat bones as they can splinter and get caught in their throat and intestinal track.
This can cause a lot of damage or serious injury.

It is well worth investing your money in your cat’s health by giving it a recommended and nutritionally balanced diet that will have the right proportions of protein and other vitamins and minerals that are required for it to stay healthy.

There should always be a supply of fresh water available for your cat to drink, particularly if you are feeding it dry food where most of the moisture has been taken out.
Cats will need fresh water to replace this moisture after having eaten dry food.
It is better to feed canned food that is a lot moister and reduces the incidence of constipation.

For more information check out my Healthy Cat Food Guide.

Do Feed Your Cat These Foods:

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