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Casper the bus riding cat has been the tragic victim of a hit and run (source).

Many people around the world were amazed and taken by the antics of Casper the cat who was a regular on his local Plymouth bus service.

The local bus company, First Devon and Cornwall, used an image of Casper as advertising on one of their buses. Although devastated by the cat’s death they say they will not be removing his picture.  So Casper the bus riding cat will have his own cat memorial for some time to come.

Perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of the accident was the failure of the driver to stop and access the damage caused.

Is this a sign of the times – that the life of a cat has so little value to warrant stopping to see if it can be saved?

Do we care about, not only the cat, but the loving family sat at home waiting for their cat to return?

Perhaps our “civilized” society should pause to reflect on the lessons of the loss of our celebrity commuter – Casper the cat.

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The Cat Case That Duped Immigration

Cat Identity Protected

Cat Identity Protected

A South American over-stayer uses the cat (whose identity has been protected) as an excuse to avoid deportation.

To separate the man from his cat would be a breach of human rights.  And were the man not in the country 4 years longer than his visa allowed one might agree.

Home Office officials, however, failed to see the funny side of the judge allowing the cat to step in and save the over-stayer.  They mounted an appeal, which was over-ruled, and name suppression was granted to both the man and his cat.

So a victory for the cat and cat lovers around the world.103px-US_Department_of_Justice_Scales_Of_Justice.svg

But at what cost?


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86 Year Old Cat-napper Locked Up

At least she will be if cat “owner” has her way.

Kimberly Otey wants her 86 year old neighbourhood cat-napper locked up.  She says that Fauniel Kliemt stole her cat and should pay.

Mrs Kliemt, on the other hand, pleads not guilty.  She says that her neighbour brought over a stray cat that was an unwanted pest next door, and it stayed.  So Mrs Kliemt had “Shatzie” spayed and given her shots.

For almost 12 months Shatzie slept on Mrs Kliemt’s bed at night, and wandered in out of the house freely during the day.  The cat has been a great comfort to the recently widowed Mrs Kliemt.

86 Year Old Cat-Napper

86 Year Old Cat-Napper

Neighbourhood Otey family turned up out of the blue claiming the cat was theirs and tried pressing charges.  The police refused to incarcerate the 86 year old on the grounds she showed up for a hearing.

The whole mess has been dragging on for the past 2 years and has already cost Kliemt $1500 on a lawyer.

This bizarre case begs the question: who owns a cat?

The feline breed is notorious for its lack of loyalty.  If a cat chooses to leave home, probably at the torment of a young family, do we have the right to stop it?  After all, this one could have returned home any day it chose.

If you feed a stray cat and allow it to stay in your home should you be liable to face criminal charges?

What do you think?

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Arthritis The Silent Cat Killer

Cats suffer from arthritis just like humans.  The sad fact is that unlike in humans, only 7% of cats receive any kind of treatment for their arthritis.

Signs to look for that may suggest your cat has arthritis:

  • Slower than normal movements and an unwillingness to jump or climb.
  • More time spent sleeping and lying about.
  • Unwillingness to be handled, or increasingly grumpy behavior.
  • A shabby coat that shows signs of reduced grooming.
  • Defecation/urination in the house and not using a litter box.
  • Decreasing appetite.
  • Generally poorly in health and well-being.

Oriental and Burmese cats have a greater incidence of treatment suggesting that they may be more susceptible to arthritis.  As are Scottish fold cats – because of a genetic defect affecting the cartilage.

With early diagnosis and treatment it is possible to greatly improve the quality of life and longevity of your cat.

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Volunteer Air Rescue Missions

Pilots N Paws is a new movement to save the lives of animals on death row.  The website PilotsNPaws is an online forum where pilots and other volunteers who wish to help transport rescue animals by air can meet up with people who wish adopt pets interstate.

This is a NO CHARGE service – people do not have to pay to have the pet of their choice flown from the shelter to their home city.

The foster animals are teamed up with pilots and plane owners willing to assist with the transportation of these animals.  Volunteer pilots are not the only people involved – so don’t think you have to fly a plane to be a part of the mission.  The Pilots N Paws program also provides overnight foster care or shelter, transfer shuttles and all other related activities with getting these animals from shelter to new home.

The program has a 5000 pets relocated in a week mission scheduled for September 12-20, 2009. So if you can help in any way – even financially – get aboard today.

Pilots n Paws has the endorsement of such celebrities as top aerobatic pilot Patty Wagstaff and author Ted Kerasote.  Will you also join the list to save 5000 potential pets on death row this September?

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Bathe A Cat – What Have You To Loose

(fingers… toes… eyes …)

Although I consider myself reasonably brave, the thought of trying to get one of our cats anywhere near a bath has next to no appeal whatsoever!

So when I came across a blog titled:

How to bathe your cat

I just had to pop along and see exactly how the person suggests you go about bathing a cat. Do they suggest a suite of armour?  Or perhaps a tranquilliser gun?

Not so.

Chris Carson of the Phoenix Examiner suggests two methods.

The first method is to use Baking Powder.  And it requires that you rub liberal amounts of Baking Powder on your kitty and pop them in the oven … no .. wait!  She actually suggest you cover them in Baking Powder and then just comb it out.

I am not sure how much your cat will like Baking Powder showers, but I am picking I have more of a chance with that method than getting ours anywhere near water.

Method two – speaking of water.

Chris actually suggests a 9 step method of bathing your cat with water. It all sounds perfectly harmless – at least it does until you get to step 9.

Step 9:
Use the hydrogen peroxide to treat the cat scratch and bite wounds you received during the bathing process.

Ok .. so I guess she is really pushing for the earlier mentioned Baking Powder showers rather than actually suggesting a regular dose of hydrogen peroxide for loving cat owners?

Well you be the judge .. you will find her instructions on how to bathe a cat here

Bert's Bath

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Swine Flu And Pets

Can Your Dog And Cat Catch Swine Flu?

Yes they can – but no it is not likely.

Ferrets are probably the highest risk pet, apart from pigs, most likely to catch the virus.

Read more interesting facts about swine flu, pets, and you here.
Chicken with Flu

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