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This would have to be one of the most appalling cases I have seen recently.

A Cincinnati police dog is reported to have died while locked in a hot vehicle.

Police say 13-year department member Brian Trotta inadvertently left the female German shepherd, Juno, in the car while responding to a family emergency. source

I am not sure what the family emergency was, obviously it was serious enough to entertain the officer in question for an extended time period.  No doubt the loss of his trusted companion only added to the woes of officer Trotta. But that does not help his dog any.

Perhaps it is unfortunate for officer Trotta that his case is going to be so high-profile, but if members of the police cannot set the example for the rest of society on animal welfare then there is something wrong. These are not only man’s best friend, they are highly trained members of the constabulary that the public has a vested interest in. To have them treated so poorly is a tragedy on many counts.

I am sorry constable Trotta but I see no acceptable excuse for allowing your partner to slowly cook to death in your vehicle.


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