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Casper the bus riding cat has been the tragic victim of a hit and run (source).

Many people around the world were amazed and taken by the antics of Casper the cat who was a regular on his local Plymouth bus service.

The local bus company, First Devon and Cornwall, used an image of Casper as advertising on one of their buses. Although devastated by the cat’s death they say they will not be removing his picture.  So Casper the bus riding cat will have his own cat memorial for some time to come.

Perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of the accident was the failure of the driver to stop and access the damage caused.

Is this a sign of the times – that the life of a cat has so little value to warrant stopping to see if it can be saved?

Do we care about, not only the cat, but the loving family sat at home waiting for their cat to return?

Perhaps our “civilized” society should pause to reflect on the lessons of the loss of our celebrity commuter – Casper the cat.

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