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New Product Will Keep Tabs On Your Canine

AT&T have combined with Apisphere to create a dog collar that will enable you keep tabs on your family pet at all times.

Apisphere already have successfully launched the Geomatejr product and believe their second hardware product, the Location-Based Dog Collar will be equally successful.

Using wireless SIM technology embedded in the collar a dog owner will be able to track their pet via the AT&T network using a wireless handset or personal computer.

Updates on the dog’s whereabouts can be sent via text, email, video or audio alerts as often as programmed. Once registered owners can program pet details and important contact details. They can then create a geo-fence around the section in which the animal can roam freely under geo-supervision.  One outside of this designated area it is possible to track the dog with street level mapping technology.

The collar itself has been designed with your pet in mind and through the use of optimized GPS and wireless technologies has very little if any restrictions on the size of the dog, or discomfort to your pet when wearing the collar.

Keep an eye out for the launch later this year.


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