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Pet Bull Not Pit Bull Responsible For Attack

In a tragic turn of events an eastern Pennsylvania man  was fatally attacked the day before he turned 53.  The guilty party was a “pet” bull, which makes a change from the usual “pit bull” head lines. Pit bull owners can breathe a sigh of relief.

Once again an animal with a less than pet like nature turns on its owner.  Yes, I am sad to see a man dead, but a bull is not a pet.

I have been surrounded by cattle all my life, and I would not trust a bull.  Our bulls, are normally very handleable and I have never been attacked by one.  Yet, I would not trust any of them.   Even a playful bunt can have tragic consequences when you are talking about an animal weighing a ton or more.

Ricky Weinhold, loved animals, and apparently treated all his cattle as pets.  It is often “pet” animals the most dangerous, as they do not respect humans the same.

We will never know exactly what happened to Mr. Weinhold, but is fair to assume, as the coroner did, that his bull “known to be temperamental” was responsible for the death.   Having already inflicted serious harm on Mr. Weinhold in the past, the bull should have already been burgers.

No doubt this will not be the last attack of its kind, just as it is not the first, but taking proper precautions when dealing with dangerous animals would go a long to preventing these occurrences.

My condolences to the Weinhold family.



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