Have Zhu Zhu Pets replaced living breathing pets?

If the sales being reported this Christmas are anything to go by you could be forgiven for thinking so.

The big toy retailers like Walmart and Toys R Us are having trouble keeping shelves stocked over night as the in-demand toys fly off the shelves.

These furry little robots make all the right noises, and move around like cute little hamsters, but are they as much fun as the real thing?

There is certainly not the responsibility attached to owning a robot, and the cost of feeding them will be much lower, not to mention vet bills. So there are many pluses with families in a recession.

But I can’t help but think that we are missing out on teaching our children some valuable life lessons with these new and improved pets.

What do you think?

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Obama Dog Bo

Bo the First Dog receives presidential honors.

Bo the Obama families pet dog celebrates his first birthday.

Bo the president's dog

One Year Old Bo

It has been an amazing journey for the Portuguese water dog.  A nation held in suspense for weeks waiting to see which dog would fulfil the Presidents first promise watched in great anticipation as “Bo” was revealed.

Some say that President Obama did not live up to his to promise, but not taking in a rescue dog, but that has generally been accepted in light of Malia’s allergies.

The Telegraph reports that:

“We had a really sweet celebration,” admitted Mrs Obama. “He got a doghouse cake made out of veal stuff and he had his brother Cappy come over and we had party hats.”

“We did this in the Rose Garden. It was so much fun. Cappy actually stole the rest of the cake off the table but Bo did not seem to mind.”

So obviously Bo is as gracious as his Presidential mentor.

All that we can do now is watch and wait to see if the next 12 months of Bo’s life are as happy as the past 12.

Artistic Dog Sells Paintings For $1700

Sam is not your average dog.  The artistic talents of this dog have been recognised across the USA.  His art has been sold for up to $1700 and has featured in swanky New York galleries such as Denise Dibro’s studio.

Mary Stadelbacher, rescued Sam from a shelter six years ago. The sheep dog, bloodhound cross, had been transferred between shelters and was not looking at much of a future before Mary rescued him.

After taking him in, Mary trained Sam to paint using a regular brush in a specially designed holder.  Sam not only took to the art, he excelled. If allowed he will paint for hours.

Sam’s technique is pretty sound too, starting with darker colours and layering on lighter colours.

Mary describes Sam as “quite a unique abstract artist.”

Sam The Painting Dog

Sam The Painting Dog


The Cat Case That Duped Immigration

Cat Identity Protected

Cat Identity Protected

A South American over-stayer uses the cat (whose identity has been protected) as an excuse to avoid deportation.

To separate the man from his cat would be a breach of human rights.  And were the man not in the country 4 years longer than his visa allowed one might agree.

Home Office officials, however, failed to see the funny side of the judge allowing the cat to step in and save the over-stayer.  They mounted an appeal, which was over-ruled, and name suppression was granted to both the man and his cat.

So a victory for the cat and cat lovers around the world.103px-US_Department_of_Justice_Scales_Of_Justice.svg

But at what cost?


Who Owns A Cat?

86 Year Old Cat-napper Locked Up

At least she will be if cat “owner” has her way.

Kimberly Otey wants her 86 year old neighbourhood cat-napper locked up.  She says that Fauniel Kliemt stole her cat and should pay.

Mrs Kliemt, on the other hand, pleads not guilty.  She says that her neighbour brought over a stray cat that was an unwanted pest next door, and it stayed.  So Mrs Kliemt had “Shatzie” spayed and given her shots.

For almost 12 months Shatzie slept on Mrs Kliemt’s bed at night, and wandered in out of the house freely during the day.  The cat has been a great comfort to the recently widowed Mrs Kliemt.

86 Year Old Cat-Napper

86 Year Old Cat-Napper

Neighbourhood Otey family turned up out of the blue claiming the cat was theirs and tried pressing charges.  The police refused to incarcerate the 86 year old on the grounds she showed up for a hearing.

The whole mess has been dragging on for the past 2 years and has already cost Kliemt $1500 on a lawyer.

This bizarre case begs the question: who owns a cat?

The feline breed is notorious for its lack of loyalty.  If a cat chooses to leave home, probably at the torment of a young family, do we have the right to stop it?  After all, this one could have returned home any day it chose.

If you feed a stray cat and allow it to stay in your home should you be liable to face criminal charges?

What do you think?

Exercise Dog Wii

Exercise With Your Dog And Wii

The latest innovation from Nintendo Wii includes a dog fitness tracking program.  Wii Fit Plus, as the sequel to Wii Fit is known, gives you the ability to enter your dog’s weight and create an avatar for your dog.

Although Nintendo say there are no specific dog exercise programs, it could be fun tracking your dogs fitness along side your own.  After all, walking your dog is good for both fitness and relationship bonding.

is will pan out, and Nintendo says there aren’t really any canine training exercises. But you can make an avatar of your dog, which is kind of cool, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Will this latest innovation combined with the price drop be enough to boost flagging sales for the Nintendo team?  Over the last year Nintendo lost market share to the Sony and Microsoft consoles.   Perhaps to do with them already having dropped their prices.

Is this the key to tipping you getting a Wii console?

Will X-box come out in reply with a complete dog fitness range of games?

What do you think?

Bernadette and Jacques Chirac with Sumo (2007)

Sumo strikes fear into former French President Chirac.

“I was very scared”

Says former French President Jacques Chirac’s wife after announcing that she has sent Sumo  to exhile.

The beloved Maltese terrier attacked Chirac for a third time. Sumo’s small drawing blood after a bite to the stomach.

A previous attack saw the president in hospital with bite wounds to an unnamed portion of the anatomy.

What was the cause of this once loved animal’s aggression?  It appears that he did not leaving the spacious grounds of the Elysee Palace for an apartment in Paris.

Mrs Chirac, Bernadette, says Sumo was being treated for depression. Former President Chirac was not the only one finding it difficult to adapt to civilian life.

He was going wild. He wanted to jump up and bite again
~ Bernadette Chirac

Three strikes and you are out. Despite Mrs Chirac never being on the receiving end of the terrier’s rage, she made the decision to have him removed for the safety of the former President.  Sumo was given to a new home in the French countryside where he is said to be very happy.

The farm in Seine-et-Marne seems to be more to Sumo’s liking as he has not felt the need to savage his new hosts.